At Firm Foundation we take security VERY seriously. With that said, we have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the precious little people in our care. There is a surveillance system in the Principal's office with 16 camera placed throughout the school in all the classrooms, play areas, entrance and utility areas. These can be monitored 24/7.



The front door and front and side gates all have keypad locks that can only be opened by staff and parents who have the code. 

No child is allowed to go home with anybody unknown to us. If a stranger arrives to fetch a child, parents are contacted immediately to confirm that they are fine with the arrangement.

Firm Foundation is linked up to Pinewatch which is a 24 hour armed response unit. We have strategically placed panic buttons around the premises which are not only connected to Pinewatch but to emergency medical response as well. 


Playground Safety

We have invested in a top of the range impact absorbing playground surface. It has a critical fall height of 2.4m, which makes it the safest playground surface money can buy. This helps reduce critical injury if a child were to fall accidentally off the equipment.

To add to this all our staff have First Aid qualifications and experience.






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