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Sarah Justus, the founder of Firm Foundation has been in the business since 1981. She ran a small home based daycare for several years while her own children were small.  In 1988 Sarah was approached by Vincent Pallotti hospital to set up a crèche on their premises to accommodate the children of their staff as well as from the public. This daycare flourished and grew. 

However Sarah preferred a smaller home based daycare, so she decided to sell the Vincent Pallotti crèche and started again with a small group of babies from home.

Thus Firm Foundation was established in 1991, starting with just 6 babies. This school grew steadily year by year and is now the thriving home from home that it is today.

Claire is our manager, she joined us in 2017. Claire started teaching in Dubai in January 2004. Throughout her nine years in the United Arab Emirates, she worked at two different International Schools (British curriculum & IBO) and taught KG 1 learners from all around the world. When she returned to South Africa, she joined The Angel Starfish Educare Centre in Hout Bay as deputy principal. 

Claire is a real asset to Firm Foundation as she brings her experience and management skills to our team.

Our staff compliment is 13, some of whom have been at Firm Foundation for 25 years or more.  We choose our staff for their hearts, 

before their qualifications. Whilst we appreciate that formal training is essential, we agree that no amount of formal training can take the place of a genuine love for the work.






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