Why Choose Us?

We at Firm Foundation continuously strive to be the best daycare. 

Nicki and Claire are present and involved in all matters school related and work hard at maintaining our high standard of care. 

We constantly have our fingers on the pulse.

The children get breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack every day.

All toys are washed and sanitized regularly.

Our extra murals are Kindermusik (18 months - 3 years) Fun and Dance (2 older groups) and Soccer Stars (3 older groups), 

these are included in the fees. 

We have stimulating, age appropriate educational programs in all our classes.

We have a communication app. which parents can download to their phones and computers. This dramatically improves communication as parents get instant news and alerts as and when they come up. 

We also use WhatsApp as a form of communication. This allows us to send the occasional photo or share information with a specific parent about their child.

All staff are First Aid trained.

We do not ask parents to send snacks, tissues or toilet paper.

What Parents Have To Say

There are actually no words to describe our thankfulness for this wonderful daycare facility.

You have given us absolute peace of mind for four and a half years.

My children were SO happy and couldn’t wait to get to school each morning and very often didn’t want to come home!

You do an absolutely amazing job – all of you – and it is appreciated more than you know!

 What a wonderful, warm, happy school & it is evident the minute you walk through the front door.

Thank you for 7 wonderfully happy years that we will treasure forever!

You are running more than a school. I would say that it is an “experience”!

Thank you seems totally inadequate to cover all the years of loving care our children have received.

You have given our children a legacy that will remain with them all their lives!

Thank you for giving our precious child a “Firm Foundation” I am certain that with such a rock solid start she will be superbly equipped to face life’s journey.

We are deeply grateful for the values that form the heart of Firm Foundation.

Andy and I could not have chosen a better place for our daughter. You love and care for her with infinite patience and for this we thank you!

Your facility is always spotlessly clean, well organised and efficient. The stimulation Samantha has received at each stage has been impressive.

You run a superb crèche – the most well organised that we have ever heard of.

Your school is amazingly organised and I admire your ability to reach and care for every single child and indeed the parents too.

Thank you for the tremendous support that you have given our whole family.

Thank you for the huge role you have played in bringing our child up to be well mannered and kind.

I don’t believe that Dylan could have been more loved and better cared for anywhere else in the world!






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