Why choose us

At Firm Foundation, we continuously strive to be the best daycare.
Claire is present and involved in all school-related matters and works hard at maintaining a high standard of care. Sarah, now affectionately known as Nana, plays more of an advisory role these days.

We have stimulating, age-appropriate educational programs in all our classes.

All our toys are washed and sanitised regularly.

All staff are first-aid trained.

Children get breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack every day.

Our extra murals are Ninja Nightingales music and dancing for the three older groups and Sports Hub also for the three older groups. The little ones do Music 4 Mini’s once a week. All extra murals are included in the fees.

We have WhatsApp groups set up for each class as well as the whole school. This allows us to send information to the entire school, a specific class or individual parent about their child/children.

Security is our top priority

At Firm Foundation, we take security VERY seriously. We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the precious little people in our care.

There is a surveillance system in the school office with 24 cameras placed throughout the school. They are in all the classrooms, play areas, entrances and utility areas. These can be monitored 24/7.

The front door and front and side gates all have keypad locks that can only be opened by staff and parents who have the code.

No child is allowed to go home with anybody unknown to us. If a stranger arrives to fetch a child, parents are contacted immediately to confirm that they are fine with the arrangement.

We have a full-time groundsman who keeps a close eye on the comings and goings in the school.

What parents have to say

What a wonderful, warm, happy school and it is evident the minute you walk through the door.

Your facility is always spotlessly clean, well-organized and efficient. The stimulation Samantha has received at each stage has been impressive.

My children were SO happy and couldn’t wait to get to school each morning and very often didn’t want to come home!

You are running more than a school. I would say that it is an ‘experience’.

Thank you for the huge role you have played in bringing up our child to be well mannered and kind.

I don’t believe that Dylan could have been more loved and better cared for anywhere else in the world!